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Radar Salon: Hair. Fun. Friends.

Established in 2014, Radar Salon is a fun place for sweet people to get their hairs done by knowledgeable and well-trained professional stylists. We can take care of all things your hair needs: cutting, styling, coloring, and getting love. Radar Salon is your salon for both everyday and special-event styling.


Three Amigos: Haircolor Fiesta

Date February 3, 2019
Venue Radar Salon
Cost $150

Growth comes from continuously seeking knowledge. Knowledge is the power supply for confidence and freedom. Continued learning helps you maintain the strongest version of you.

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Urban Realness: An interpretive color experience

Date January 23, 2017
Venue Radar Salon
Cost $150

Confidence comes from understanding, and understanding comes from education. Successful hairdressers know that knowledge is power. Continuing to learn the latest methods to beautify your people, you become the most awesome version of yourself.

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Each stylist controls their own pricing and may be higher than these listed rates.



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